ELE London – The Sexual Exploration Mycorrhizal Network

Through liberating, empowering & explorative sex we enable our mind, body & soul to re-align. 

Opening the doors of our soul to our deepest & darkest, far reaching & illuminating, desires.

As we begin to grow inside ourselves as sexual beings, the world just seems that bit brighter, touch more purposeful and everything else in our lives seem to improve in the wake of shuddering orgasms.

We grow inside, a feeling of warmth & acceptance, so overwhelming that we feel like we might explode.

An explosion that introduces itself to the world as happiness in its purest form.

The random smiles on public transport, the little bounce in a step and the deep breath of fresh air, that feels like a lover is running their hand along our soul.

ELE was founded to enable a generation of happy, sexually satisfied, consenting adults. 

Who may choose to share what they have discovered with lovers, loved ones and acquaintances, incrementally making the world a better place. 

A legacy for good.

ELE – Education, Liberation, Exploration, is an inclusive community for people wanting to explore their sexuality. 

Designed to be a safe space where people can invest in their emotional and physical happiness.

Immersive workshops, empowering online courses, exceptional retail experiences, the core of everything ELE stands for is Community.

We all learn through our Community, and in some respects our community determines who we are & what we desire on a surface level. 

As our Community grows, ELE grows. 

30% of ELE will be owned directly by our Community – Team, Educators, Customers & Partners.

As we continuously seek to build our Community, ELE will be proactive in working with partners across the ecosystem. 

Supporting & enabling existing movements, avoiding the duplication of efforts & the erosion of the global sexual liberation movement.

Jermaine – Founder – ELE, The Sexual Exploration Mycorrhizal Network

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